Impact of a gas supply cut-off

and embargo due to current hostilities on the Mühlberger-Group

Veröffentlicht: 26.09.2022

The products that the Mühlberger Group delivers to you comprise a broad range of products. Gas is almost certainly used to produce the products, either as a provider of energy or as a component of processing. As we do not manufacture the products, our responsibility as a supplier of a broad range of products lies elsewhere.

In this role, we rely on timely self-delivery by our upstream manufacturers. To combat multiple crises, our manufactures have production sites not only in Germany, but also all over the world. Production locations in Asia are, to our knowledge, significantly less affected by the current impact of the hostilities and of a gas embargo. Some of our suppliers can shift the production for the respective product there, depending on availability. We also have strong and competent manufacturers as our strategic partners. This allows us to use alternative suppliers.

Since last year, we have massively increased our warehouse stock and put security of supply ahead of profit. We have thus built up buffers so that possible delivery shortfalls or increased delivery times can be offset by these buffers. Some of our locations rely on natural gas only for heating, meaning we could replace this with electricity to be able to perform our business processes as usual.

From our present point of view, we are prepared for the challenges ahead.

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