Coronavirus - the Mühlberger-Group informs

Important information on the coronavirus as of 07/02/2020

Veröffentlicht: 07.02.2020

The aim of this letter is to give you an overview of the current situation and answer some questions that we have been asked by the various different individuals.

What is MLS Safety/Mühlberger doing in the current situation?

We are in constant communication with our suppliers. We formed a corona crisis response team in our business more than two weeks ago – consisting of Sales, Purchasing, Controlling and senior management. The scope of the task force is to evaluate and react current market information and upcoming news.

In the assessment and with requests received from our customers, we differentiate between standard requirements (regular, planned production supply) and additional requirements due to the coronavirus.

The absolute focus for us is on supplying our existing customers in order to safeguard regional production. For the items classified as critical (currently particularly FFP respiratory protection masks), we have adjusted our planning quantities significantly upwards and are continuously working on obtaining these quantities at short notice.

What is the current supply situation for FFP respiratory protection masks?

Items that are needed in the direct crisis situation (particularly FFP respiratory protection masks) are currently difficult to obtain in additional special quantities.

Most manufacturers are also concentrating on regional standard supply and its previously known quantities. After not having received any goods from respiratory protection manufacturers, in some cases for several weeks – because they also had to assess the current situation – the first information has recently been received about when we are expected to receive what goods. We are currently confident that if manufacturers keep their promises, we will generally be able to deliver the agreed quantities and items as usual.

We currently anticipate that this difficult situation will persist for some time.

Should we expect the supply of further items to become critical in the short or medium term?

There are also significantly increased global demand volumes for all items needed to combat the spread of the virus in China – e.g. protective suits, hand sanitisers and safety goggles.

We still currently fundamentally cannot yet feel any relevant availability restrictions – we have nevertheless put a significantly sharper focus on these products too and have already increased quantities in stock.

Whether further availability restrictions will subsequently emerge for these or other items cannot yet be predicted. At the moment, we have not yet heard any concrete statements from manufacturers on this issue. Only in a worst-case scenario need it be feared that additional effects will occur in the medium term as a result of global, strongly interconnected supply chains. Whether and, if so, which raw materials, production facilities and supply chains could be affected by restrictions will become apparent in the next few weeks.

We are working at full speed to obtain clarity here and, if necessary, to take precautions together with you in order to safeguard your production.

Please note that all statements in this letter only represent the situation at the time of writing and we depend the reliability of our suppliers. We are aware of our responsibilities and will do everything to maintain our well-known service.

Your usual contact will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Your MLS Safety/Mühlberger Occupational Safety Team

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