Here you can find our short film about the appropriate eye and ear protection for our brand ForSec!


Sattelmacher and Mühlberger Lerch merge their occupational health and safety business


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07. July 2016

Neue Serie MSA V-Gard®900

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Your reliable partner for industrial safety and technology.

At all our sites, we work systematically to create customer-oriented solutions that meet your requirements.

These include competent, individual specialist consultation, the selection of suitable products and supply systems adapted to suit your needs. The Mühlberger Group also boasts many years of experience in planning and supporting your complex technical projects.

Whether you need personal protective equipment (PPE) or the right materials for your production and maintenance, we can advise you and deliver products that you can rely on.

Throughout Germany and Europe.


A video about the Mühlberger Group

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 Promotional video – English: Download and start video (size 17 MB – 2015-June-22)